The Gallery@57 Mission

The Gallery@57 seeks to create a permanent home for showcasing and selling the art of artists at the heart of Malden, MA. In pursuing this, we strive to be an active part of our community and to bring together artists that are reflective of it. We believe that art has value and contributes to the economy. 

Our Philosophy

In keeping with our goals, we operate while keeping the following values in mind:

  • Art is about humanity. We are humans first.
  • We are working together on something bigger that is emerging. Therefore, as we navigate strong opinions and judgments, we work hard to put them aside to be open to what each individual has to say.
  • This community is bound not just by the creative spirit, but also by compassion, care, and commitment to excellence. Sometimes these come up against each other – and the tension of these forces will make our community powerful in a profound way.
  • What has been done in the past is not necessarily what we will do in the future. 
  • What the “establishment” does in the art world is not necessarily what we will do – although we will always stay informed by past excellence and best practices.
  • Honesty with kindness is the best policy.

Our Vision

  • It is our hope to be a center for the arts beyond our physical and online store by having a vibrant store environment where artists and customers know each other and come together to engage in creative processes.
  • Our artists and products reflect the community, and our strong online presence helps people discover arts & crafts more conveniently.


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