Grace Julian Murthy

Pop artist and graphic designer Grace Julian Murthy creates beautiful, cheerful works of art.

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Grace Julian Murthy is an artist from Malden, Massachusetts. She has BFA and MA degrees in Graphic Design. Her work is influenced by pop art. She draws inspiration from comics, using black outlines in much of her work. Grace asserts, “Art is a journey of happiness that uses a visual language of humor, nostalgia, color, shape, and everyday objects to illustrate that you can find joy in the simple things in life.”


Grace’s career has developed from graphic design to illustration to painting. She says, “I believe one area of art influences the others.” She has participated in a number of art shows on different themes. She works across different media using a variety of techniques. She creates greeting cards, paintings on canvas, digital illustrations, paintings on wood, illustrations for coloring books, and more.


Grace says, “I think that being open to new ideas, materials, and mediums in art creates new opportunities in one’s art journey. An example of this was when I designed and painted a switch box in Malden, Massachusetts. I received such positive feedback from people who enjoyed seeing public art in their community. I had not really thought about environmental artwork before this project. I discovered that I love placing art in unexpected places and making art more accessible for all to enjoy, because beauty is all around us — we just need to look for it.”

Grace loves having her work shown where art might not be typically shown, so that the art can engage a wider community. Her work has been shown at the Malden Public Library, Luva Hair and Day Spa, and
Malden Catholic School for Girls. 

Here is Grace’s PechaKucha talk, highlighting the connection between Art, Math, and Science.

Grace’s artwork can be seen at The Gallery@57, 57 Pleasant Street, Malden, Massachusetts.
Her artwork is also available on our online shop at shop.galleryat57.com.