Michelle Trammel has been working with glass since 2001. She has a passion for the material and the process, and shares her love for the art through glass blowing demonstrations, teaching, and collaboration.

Michelle says, “Humans have been making functional and decorative objects with glass for thousands of years. Blowing glass connects me to the generations of glassblowers before me. I feel strongly connected to the heritage of numerous traditions of glassblowing from around the world.”

Michelle lives in Malden, Massachusetts. She began her journey with glassblowing by taking a one day paperweight making workshop through the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. This experience ignited her passion for the art form. Since then, she has studied glass blowing at many schools, including The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, UrbanGlass, Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program, North Cambridge Glass School, and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  She is currently a glassblowing instructor at the MIT Glass Lab. 

Michelle says, “Repetition, fractal patterns, and disruptions of pattern captivate me. I am endlessly inspired by the natural world. The crystal structure of minerals in stone, geological formations in the landscape, the changing colors and patterns in the sky, the movement and play of light in ocean waves, the patterns of pebbles and sand at the beach, the infinite shapes and colors of shells, the patterns of flowers in the landscape, foliage on a plant, petals in a flower, a butterfly’s wing, the shape and structure of cells under a microscope… all inspire and inform my work.”

Michelle holds Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT in Computer Science as well as Humanities (Literature). When not blowing glass, she enjoys traveling, gardening, taking photographs, visiting museums, cats, science fact and fiction, family, working with her hands, and hula hooping.