Thank you for your interest in the Gallery@57.  We are accepting applications for a 6 month trial basis.  If approved for the trial period, we will review sales and other data from the trial period to determine if the seller is eligible to become a permanent seller at The Gallery@57.  There is a $50 joining fee once you become a permanent member of The Gallery@57.  
The Gallery@57 sells on a consignment model. Consignors receive 50% of revenue. 


Work is evaluated on the basis of originality of design, craftsmanship, marketability, and appropriateness for The Gallery@57. Work similar to an existing consignor’s work may not be accepted.


To be considered, an artist/artisan must complete this application form (see below) and submit three physical products for review by the Gallery.  Applicants who submit the application form will receive confirmation and be notified as to when to bring in your samples, afterwhich you will be notified by email of your acceptance or denial.  If accepted, the seller will receive an Inventory Form, Sales Agreement, and Hold Harmless Agreement.


Once accepted, a seller emails a completed Inventory Form, Sales Agreement, and Hold Harmless Agreement to You will receive word as to when products can be delivered. The Gallery@57 provides the price tags. Revenue payments to sellers are made monthly or when their revenue reaches a minimum of $50.

About The Gallery

The Gallery@57 is a community of creators that currently rents space at 57 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA. We are a gift shop and online store. We host artist and music demonstrations, book readings and signings, craft workshops for children and are developing our capacity for adult art classes.  We sell fine art in the shop and represent artists in selling their fine art to local businesses. 

The Gallery@57 is operated entirely by volunteers. We strongly encourage all of our artists/sellers to volunteer their time, both to benefit The Gallery@57 and to fully participate in, and become familiar with, our community.

The Gallery@57 supports the hand of the maker by representing work that is original, of the highest quality, and does not duplicate already existing work in the shop.  As the Gallery@57 operates entirely on a volunteer basis, any time that a seller can give to the Gallery is greatly appreciated.